Moose Safari at Vaset Animals

Experience the mountains and forests together with Vaset Elgsafari

  • Photo: Vaset elgsafari

  • Elgku med kalv

    Photo: Vaset elgsafari

  • Photo: Vaset elgsafari


There is something special about being out in the woods as the sun is disappearing over the mountains and the night comes to life. These evening hours are the perfect time to experience the surrounding nature, and especially see the animals roaming the Norwegian wilderness. Join a moose safari to explore the nature and see the magnificent moose in their natural habitat. This adventure is a great experience for adventurers of all ages.

Essential info

  • Destination Vaset
  • Season July–August
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Audience Suitable for children

Book with Vaset Elgsafari

Adult: NOK 550
Child (4-12): NOK 450
Child (0-4): Free

What You’ll Do

We will be hiking through woods and up on a mountain plateau where we will have a wonderful view over Vaset, the woods and marshlands. During the tour you will learn about the mountain area, plants and animals. You will also learn about folklore and the mountain people, and of course about “The king of the forest - The moose”. It becomes a magical moment when the moose appears in the dusk. Join us on an experience where you can enjoy the walk, view and moose and being one with nature.

We finish the trip off with a nice cup of coffee or tea in the woods.

Tour days: Monday, Tuesday. Additional tour days will be announced on our website and our Facebook-account @vasetelgsafari

What’s Included

  • Experienced local guide

What to Bring

Vaset lays within a mountain environment and is therefore affected by mountain weather. 

Therefore we would recommend the following equipment:

  • Good footwear
  • Cloths suitable to the weather

Be sure to check out the Outtt packing guide for how to dress for general outdoor activities in Norway. 

In addition it is also recommended to bring:

  • Binoculars (can be rented)
  • Insulated sitting mat (can be rented)
  • Bring a camera!

Feel free to bring any extra snacks and refreshments.

Meeting Point

Vaset Elgsafari and all other guide and activity companies are located at Sekskanten. Meet your moose safari guide here, before heading out on the adventure.

Vaset is located in the middle of southern Norway, easily accessible from either Bergen or Oslo. The mountain roads Sognefjellsvegen and Valdresflye are perfect entry points to Vaset. The roads are closed from November to April due to snow. Road E16 over Filefjell is another alternative, being open all year round. Check the National Tourist Routes in Norway to ensure the roads are open, especially if there are harsh conditions.


Nabobil is always an option for getting around in Norway as well, if you have a scandinavian drivers licence. Be sure to add the discount code “outtt” to save NOK 250,- on your rental.


From Oslo, take Valdresekspressen. The journey from Oslo to Vaset takes around 4.5 hours. You will have a transfer at Fagernes. From Bergen, the journey takes about 6 hours to reach Fagernes, and another 30 min from Fagernes to Vaset. The bus leaves from Bergen central bus station once a day.

Adult: NOK 550
Child (4-12): NOK 450
Child (0-4): Free

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Vaset Elgsafari

Vaset Elgsafari shows you how to get a glimpse of the moose. 

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