Kayaking on Vangsvatnet Lake Paddling

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  • Season June–November

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About Kayaking on Vangsvatnet Lake

Rent a sea kayak from Outdoor Norway on an hourly basis and view the town centre, the surrounding mountains and farms from Vangsvatnet Lake. Sea kayaking is just as fun on a lake as on the sea, whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler. Lake Vangsvatnet is approx. 10 km long with lots to see along the shore. Why do you not stop by the lay-by at Kvåle and get sandwiches for lunch at the bakery there?

The kayaks for rental are stable, and if you bring along children we can recommend the double kayaks with room for two.

You will get instructions by Outdoor Norway before heading out on the lake.


- Sea kayak and paddle

- Sprayskirt

- Life jacket

- Splash jacket

- Pilge pump

- Paddle leash

What to bring:

- Swimsuit/shorts

- Wool or thermal underwear if cold

- Footwear that can get wet

- Change of clothes

- Suncream, sun glasses and hat when sunny


- Min. 4 years of age accompanied by parents

- Min. 12 years of age to go alone

- Max. 150 kg

- Inform about medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy etc. 

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Kayaking on Vangsvatnet Lake Map