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  • Photo: Skydive Voss

  • Photo: Skydive Voss

Essential info

  • Season: April-November

About Tandem Skydive

Have you always wanted to try skydiving? A tandem jump gives you the perfect opportunity to try skydiving. It is the ideal way to get an introduction to, and experience, the ultimate thrill of freefall securely attached to your professional tandem instructor.

The skydive:

The flight up to the altitude from where you exit the aircraft takes about 15.-20.minutes, and is normally about 12 500` / 4000 meters above ground. You exit the aircraft for a free fall time of up to 45 seconds; falling at 200 km/h. Smile, wave, scream at the camera and enjoy the ride. The canopy ride takes about 5-7 minutes – maybe you will get to steer the canopy for yourself until your instructor brings you onto land. Don't forget to take in the beautiful views from the aircraft, during freefall and under canopy. From arrival until landing: 1.5-2 hours.

All tandem students will go through the jump on the ground with their instructor:

• How to behave in the plane on the way up to altitude

• How to exit the plane

• What to do in free fall, under canopy and on landing.

More about the facilities:

Skydive Voss has a 600 sq.m clubhouse with a large communal area, a café and an open fireplace. Additionally, the club has 18 bunk rooms, changing rooms, showers, video/film room, rigging loft, offices and a school building.

Additionally information:

Clothing, booking etc.: http://en.skydivevoss.no/tandem-skydive.html


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