Rikansrudkamben Hiking

  • Photo: Ål Utvikling

Essential info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 4.3 kilometers
  • Elevation 340 meters
  • Duration 1–3 hours

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About Rikansrudkamben

Popular family hike with a view over Torpo. The hike starts by the gravel road by Storedal. After a little walk the road divides and you can choose one of the two paths up to Veslekamben. From here you go further up to Rikansrudkamben. If you like a roundtrip ( unmarked ), go further to Sletta, Rikandsrudvegen/ road and down to Torpo centrum.

How to get there:

Stat Higway 7 to Torpo Centrum.


By Sire bridge on the road towards Lien, or by Torpo Church.

Km/ masl:

Up and down the same way - about 3 km. The roundtrip - about 5 km.

387 - 682 masl


Reineskarvet 1:50 000.

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Rikansrudkamben map