Hivjufossen - Havsdalen (Geilo) Hiking

  • Photo: Emile Holba

  • Photo: Emile Holba

Essential Info

  • Destination Geilo
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Demanding
  • Distance 17 kilometers
  • Elevation 690 meters
  • Duration 5–7 hours

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About Hivjufossen - Havsdalen (Geilo)

Hiking in wild nature!

The trip starts with a quite heavy climb up to Hivjufossen waterfall. Luckily it's not uphill very far, and you will have several nice views of the majestic waterfall on your way up.

Please, be aware that you should not go down to the water above the waterfall, as it can be slippery, and dangerous to fall out in the water.

From Hivjufossen, a smaller trail continues further in towards Hallingskarvet, until it meets the trail that goes along the mountain between Budalen/Raggsteindalen. Follow the trail going east to Budalen and Vestreim. Here, it is possible to make an overnight stay at the cabin of Vestreim Fjellstugu, but this has to be arranged in advance! From Vestreim the trail continues over the hill and down to Havsdalen.

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Hivjufossen - Havsdalen (Geilo) Map