Trondsbu / Stigstuv / Bjoreidalshøgda

Hiking 5 - 6 h 19.8 km

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This is a great hike in easy terrain. Drive on the Tinnhølvegen gravel road to the car park at Lake Tinnhølen or take the Viddabussen minibus. Follow the marked footpath to the Stigstuv mountain lodge, which takes approximately one-and-a-half hours. Then continue on the footpath to Bjoreidalshøgda, which takes approximately two-and-a-half hours, and thereafter the Tinnhølvegen footpath and gravel road back to Trondsbu/Tinnhølen, which takes approximately two hours. Both Trondsbu Turisthytta and Stigstuv Turisthytta mountain lodges offer food. Check the opening hours. If this walk is too long, you can walk from Stigstuv back to the car park, making the walk three hours in total.

Heidi Kvamsdal
Stigstuv Turisthytta
Stigstuv Turisthytta

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