Sundreberget Hiking

Ål in Hallingdal

  • Photo: Ål Utvikling AS

  • Photo: Ål Utvikling AS

Essential Info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 3.6 kilometers
  • Elevation 0 meters
  • Duration 1–2 hours

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About Sundreberget

3.6 km hike in forest terrain with great view along the hike and at the top.

This hike is close to the centre of Ål and you can see it when you`re standing in the centre. A birds-eye view over the centre of Ål and Vestlia both along the hike and from the top.

The hike is also called "The troll path" as it is a bit magical.

Start the hike from the centre of Ål starting from Gamlevegen and onto Trolldalsvegen to the left. Follow the path by the sign "Trolldalen". The hike is well marked towards the view point on Sundreberget. When you are walking back to the centre is it possible to either take the same path or take to the right 200 metres down the path which will lead you to Øvre-Ålsvegen towards the crossroad by the schools.

If you fancy a longer hike you just follow the path along the mountain/rock. You will pass several view points along the way with information boards telling you about geology, flora, fauna and more about the surrounding areas. Follow the path until it comes back to the viewpoint on Sundreberget.

Medium hike due to the steep start. You will use about 20 - 30 min tour/return Sundreberget. If you walk the whole hike around will it takes about 1 1/2 hour from start and end in the centre. Parkering in the centre by the police station.

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Sundreberget Map