Straumshornet Hiking Trail

Hike in Sykkylven with an airy touch

  • Straumshornet Peak

    Straumshornet Peak Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • A small field during the hike. Straumshornet in the back.

    A small field during the hike. Straumshornet in the back. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • Straumshornet

    Straumshornet Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • From the peak, view towards Sykkylven

    From the peak, view towards Sykkylven Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • The small field and parking spot

    The small field and parking spot Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

Essential info

  • Destination: Sunnmøre
  • Season: June-October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 610 meters
  • Duration: 3-4 hours

About Straumshornet

Straumshornet is a well know and characteristic mountain in Sykkylven. So much that Sykkylven's coat of arm is inspired by the mountain's silhouette. 

The hike to the peak is airy, sometimes also exposed. No climbing is necessary, but scrambling is required in parts of the route.

Getting there

From Ålesund, take the ferry from Magerholm to Sykkylven. Continue on road 60 towards Stranda. Watch out for a bridge to your right towards Ikornes. Just after you pass this, you will see a Cirkle K gas station. Turn left and then right onto Kyrkevegen.  

Stay on Kyrkevegen for 650 meters, and then turn left onto Blindheimsvegen. After 650 meters on Blindheimsveien, you will reach the first toll booth. Pay 20 NOK and keep the receipt visible on your dashboard. The toll booth is just a mailbox. Fill out information about the car, and leave the coins in the envelope. 

Continue on the gravel road for 3,6 kilometers. The second toll booth is located here, and a barrier you have to open and close. Pay 40 NOK. 

After further 1,7 kilometers on the gravel road, you will find the parking spot. 

Trail description

At the parking spot, locate two wooden signs and a mailbox. Pass these and walk approximately 100 meters, and you will see a trail to your left. 

Walk for another 100 meters, and you will see a small field with a fence. The trail is located along the fence. When the fence finishes, go straight ahead into the forest. 

After the forest, you will see Straumshornet. From this angle it might look impossible to reach it, but the trail will go to the left side of the mountain. 

From the left side of the mountain, the last and steep part will begin. Here you will find two trails. Choose one of them, they will both end at the peak. Be careful with small falling rocks in the trail, triggered by other hikers or yourself. The will tumble all the way down. 


  • Bring enough drinking water. There is no running water available during this hike. 


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By Krister Bjerke Haddal

Krister loves to hike and experience the wonder of nature, in Norway and other countries. 

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