Mariholtet Food and Drink

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

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  • Destination Oslo
  • Season January–November

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About Mariholtet


Mariholtet is located on the western side of North Elvåga Lake in Østmarka. It's a cozy refuge from the outdoors and place to refuel! Enjoy a selection of rolls and baguettes with toppings, pastries, and cakes including carrot, apple, rhubarb, and chocolate. Quench your thirst with hot/cold drinks or beer/wine.

During the summer season, one canoe and two kayaks are available, allowing you to explore the lake. Honey is produced on-site in the autumn. It's very popular, so make sure you visit early in the season.

The gift shop is stocked with maps and books about the forest as well as bike repair equipment and ski wax—just in case you need it! For more information including activities and hours: (

Transport from Oslo

T-bane line 3 to “Ulstrud”, towards Mortensrud. Then walk about a kilometer to Østmarksetera, where the trail begins. If traveling via car, park at Østmarksetera.

Alternatively, take T-bane line 2 to “Ellingsrudåsen”, then walk about 50 minutes to the trailhead. Or park at “ Ekerud utfartsparkering” and begin the hike there.


  • Toilets
  • Fireplace
  • Cafe 

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