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Mysterious light phenomenons

  • Hessdalsfenomenet

    Hessdalsfenomenet Photo: Høgskolen i Østfold

  • Infoplakater om Hessdalsfenomenet

    Infoplakater om Hessdalsfenomenet Photo: Astrid A. Haug

  • Infoplakater om Hessdalen og Hessdalsfjella

    Infoplakater om Hessdalen og Hessdalsfjella Photo: Astrid A. Haug

Essential info

About The Hessdalen phenomena

There has been a lot of talk about observations of the light phenomena in Hessdalen since early in the 20th century. The first written confirmations of the strange light phenomena appeared in the mid-1945s. From this point in time up until 1981, there were various observations that indicated that the lights had been observed for longer periods of time. 

It was back in the 1980s that the light phenomena in Hessdalen first became famous in Norway and troughout the world. At the start of the 1980s, there were countless observations by residents and visitors alike. The media quickly became interesed in the mysterious light. The light phenomena in Hessdal Valley was often featured in the local, national, and international press, at that time as a UFO (unidentified flying object). 

In the early 80s, there could be up to 20 sightings a week. Since that time, the frequency of observations has decreased, but there are still several observations each year.   

Getting there

To get to the information point, take off on the county road 30 about 5 km north of Ålen center towards Hessdalen. Follow the road for about 5 km until you see the information point, left side of the road, called Hessdalskjølen. Here you find a big parking lot. It is free parking.

Where can you see it?

Most of the observations of the light phenomenon were made on the western side of the valley. It is recomented a hike up to Rogne mountain where the light phenomenon has been observed many times. Here you will have great views of relevant areas.


What can you see?

The phenomena are most often seen as light phenomenas. The characteristics of these light phenomena are very different, but most can be divided into three main categories:

  1. A white or blue flash of light, lasting less than a second, up to a few seconds. Several such flashes can often be seen for a period of a few minutes up to a few hours. The flashes of light can often be difficult to see because of the short time. They are seen more easily in the peripheral vision, because the human eye is more sensitive to rapid light variations there.
  2. Usually a yellow light, which lasts from a few minutes to a couple of hours. It can stand still for a long time, and it can move from location to location. Sometimes the light moves very quickly. The size can be up to 20 meters.
  3. Multiple lights collected. The lights follow each other so that the lights may be attached to something. Sometimes, something dark or black has been seen between these lights. The lights can have different colors.

Light phenomena are easiest to see when it is dark. Most observations are made in the evenings. One common feature of the phenomena is that humans do not hear a sound.

Lights similar to the Hessdalene phenomenon have been observed in several places around the world. The special thing about the lights in Hessdalen was that they appeared so often and for a long time, that serious researchers could see it with their own eyes. Over the past 35 years, researchers from all over the world have visited the Hessdalen to study the phenomenon.


  • Big parking lot at Hessdalskjøen
  • Well marked path to Rogne mountain 
  • Information point about the Hessdalen phenomenon, Hessdalen, Øyungen Landscape Protection Area and Forollhogna national park.

Where to stay

For more activities and accommodation in Hessdalen, see VisitHessdalen.


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