Granavollen Cultural Heritage

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

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  • Destination Hadeland
  • Season January–November

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About Granavollen

Granavollen has served as religious, political and cultural center in perhaps more than 2,000 years. Centrally located on Granavollen is Søsterkirkene from the 1100s, with Nikolai Church and St. Mary's Church. Granavollen was a meeting place for pilgrims to Trondheim. But it was also a resting place for travelers on foot or on horseback to Bergen along the historic road "Kongevegen". On Granavollen
Kongevegen crosses the pilgrims road.

Close by is the Stone House, a medieval building just off Gran rectory. Manse has an old garden with lots of different plants, many of them do not grow naturally in Norway. Grana Gesthouse is a more than 300 year old guest house located here.

The neighbor to the north is the farm Sjo, where the poet Aasmund Olafson Vinje died. He is buried in the cemetery close by. The old municipality building in Gran is also located on the church green.

More hotels and apartments are nearby, as Hotell Hadeland, Sanner hotel and Ringvold Gesthouse.

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