Avdemsbue Food & Drink

An authenic general store with local goods

  • Photo: Avdemsbue

  • Photo: Avdemsbue

Essential info

  • Destination: Lesja
  • Season: January–November

About Avdemsbue

Avdemsbue is a magnificent place for those who loves good food in a retrospective setting!

Getting there

The store is located just off the E136, about 3 km west of Lesja center.

Trail description

Avdemsbue is a general store which dates back to 1878, though todays store was built in 1938. At Avdemsbue you will find all the products made by Avdem Gardsysteri. In addition to that, there are cheeses from 12-20 different Norwegian cheese factories in stock. The beer selection counts between 20 and 25 microbreweries. Here can you also find cured meats, smoked fish, coffee, tea, flour, jam and other delicacies.


This general store, together with Avdems Gardsysteri, won the prize for entrepreneurs in local food in 2017.

Avdemsbue serves freshly made sour cream waffles, ice cream and coffee.


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