Rånåkollen Viewpoints

The signature hike at Bjorli

  • Photo: Maria Kampesæter Kleiven

  • Photo: Liv Klara Enstad

  • Photo: Maria Kampesæter Kleiven

Essential Info

  • Destination Lesja
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Demanding
  • Distance 4.9 kilometers
  • Elevation 470 meters
  • Duration 2–3 hours

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About Rånåkollen

Rånåkollen is a characteristic mountain in the middle of the valley at Bjorli. It´s a steep but short hike up and the reward is a spectacular view 360°.

To the south and west you got Reinheimen Nationalpark with Tafjordfjella and Romsdalen protected area. To the north you look out over destination Bjorli and to the east you see further down the Lesja valley towards Lesjaskog.

Getting There

Take off of E136 and go to Rånå, you´ll see a hiking sign by the road where the trip starts. Parking just past the sign on your left hand side.

Trail Description

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Cross-Country Skiing 8.6 km · 1.5 – 2.5 hr

Rånåkollen Roundtrip

Cross-Country Skiing 13.3 km · 2 – 2.5 hr


Hiking 6.3 km · 5 – 7 hr


Mountain Biking 12.7 km · 1.5 – 2.5 hr

Rånåkollen Map