Reinheimen National Park Other

  • Photo: Ole Thøring

  • Photo: Frank Wiggo Stavem

  • Photo: Ole Thøring

  • Photo: Morten Kielland

Essential Info

  • Destination Lesja
  • Season January–December

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About Reinheimen National Park

Wilderness with traces by prehistoric hunters

Reinheimen National Park is in the next largest area lacking major infrastructure in southern Norway, and wilderness best characterises this very varied mountain area. The highest mountains in the park tower more than 2000 m above sea level, while the lowest point in the protected area, at the foot of Trollveggen, is about 130 m a.s.l. Much of the original alpine ecosystem, including wild reindeer, wolverines, golden eagles, gyr falcons and ptarmigans, is still intact. 

Reinheimen has numerous cultural heritage traces from the former hunting of wild reindeer, including pitfalls, mass trapping systems, bowman’s hides and habitations where the hunters lived.

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Reinheimen National Park Map