Reinheimen National Park Other

Wilderness with traces by prehistoric hunters

  • Photo: Ole Kristian Silseth

  • Photo: Morten Kielland

  • Photo: Frank Wiggo Stavem

  • Photo: Ole Thøring

  • Photo: Ole Thøring

Essential info

  • Destination: Lesja
  • Season: January-December

About Reinheimen National Park

Reinheimen National Park covers an total area of 1969 km² and is located in the second largest non-intervention area in southern Norway. Reinheimen offers rich cultural history and great nature experiences.

Getting there

There are several gateways to Reinheimen National Park. One of these gateways is Lordalen. 

Trail description

Reinheimen National Park has very varied terrain; the highest mountains range over 2000 MASL while the lowest point is below Trollveggen at 130 MASL. In the west there are sharp peaks, deep valleys and powerful rivers, while in the east the rounder mountains, lakes and mountain plateaux dominates. Much of the original alpine ecosystem, including wild reindeer, wolverines, golden eagles, gyrfalcons and ptarmigans, is still intact in the area. 

Reinheimen has numerous cultural heritage traces from the former hunting of wild reindeer, including pitfalls, mass trapping systems, bowman’s hides and habitations where the hunters lived.


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