Bryggeosen Fishing

The ultimate fishing spot designed for everyone to use

  • Photo: Svein Inge Stuen

  • Photo: Svein Inge Stuen

  • Photo: Svein Inge Stuen

Essential info

  • Destination: Lesja
  • Season: April–November

About Bryggeosen

Bryggeosen is located by the beautiful Lesjaskogsvatnet, and it is a universally designed pier for fishing and other recreational activities.  

Getting there

Lesjaskogsvatnet is parallel to the E136 and the Raumabanen, and thus easily accessible. The eastern access to the lake is 20 km west of Lesja center by Lesjaverk station, while 11 km further west lies Lesjaskog, the western entrance to the lake.

Trail description

The pier is universally designed for everybody to use, whether you´re in a wheelchair or you have a baby carriage. Bryggeosen is primarily designed for fishing. At the pier there is also a spacious and well equipped traditional shelter. Here you will find fishing rods and life jackets, but remember to bring fishing hooks and possibly worms as bait. In Lesjaskogsvatnet you can get both trout and grayling.  

You can slo borrow a boat free of charge by contacting the senior center at Lesjaskog.      


If you are handicapped, you fish for free in accordance with a local agreement. Otherwise can fishing licenses be purchased at (search for Lesjaskogsvatnet). Fishing licenses can also be purchased at the local stores. 


There is a campfire pan in the traditional shelter with some firewood available.   


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