Bleste - 2017 10 turfavorittar Hiking Trail

  • På veg til Bleste

    På veg til Bleste Photo: Vegard Breie

Essential info

  • Destination: Ål
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 3.2 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 80 meters
  • Duration: -3.5 hours

About Bleste - 2017 10 turfavorittar

Be aware - when you are crossing the marshy area with a small pond on your right hand side ( comming from the Fekjastølan side ) it is wasp under some of the planks !!!.

We recommend you to walk on the left hand side of the planks.

Well-marked path in easy high mountain terrain with views towards Hallingskarvet, the river Lya and a multitude of high mountain farms. From Svarthamar the hike goes through a small cottage area and goes on towards the high point of Blesti. Go back the same way or continue in a gradual descent to Tormodset. Now you can either go back the same way to Svarthamar or you can walk one of the farm roads.
The trip from Tormodset to Blesti will be a little steep in the beginning and up to the top of Blesti.

Well-marknad path in easy high mountain terrain.

Drive 3 km East from the center of Ål. Exit from the mainroad, to the left. Follow District Road 244 through Votndalen until you see the sign Fekjastølvegen (right hand side). Follow this road to Svarthamar. Tollroad.
Alt 2:
Drive 3 km East from the center of Ål .Exit from the mainroad, to the left. Follow District Road until you see the sign Votndalsvegen. Follow this road to Skrindovegen. Follow Skrindovegen but exit at the first road to the left (by many postboxes). Follow this road to Tormodset. Tollroad.

At Fekjastølen: on the right hand side, some hundred metres past Svarthamar or at the parking just before Svarthamar.
Tormodset: at the highest point at Tormodset.

From Fekjastølvegen/ Svarthamar to Bleste – 2,5 km one way

From Tormodset to Bleste - 1,3 km one way

From Fekjastølvegen/ Svarthamar to Tormodset – 3,8 km one way

970 - 1077 masl

Sykkel- og turkart Ål/ Gol/ Hemsedal 1:60 000


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