Grytingen - 10 turfavorittar 2017 NB: delvis merka

Hiking 4.6 km

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This hike is marked with a red symbol since it is only partial marked.

( A blue symbol matches the level of difficulty ).

The hike starts about 300 m after the parking. Follow the path upwards, cross a small river. The path follows this river for about 2,5 km. Then the path flattens. Follow the signs. When you passes a divided stone, at your right hand side, a small path, also at your right hand side, takes you to the top of Grytingen!. From the top you will have a fantastic view. In the South – Gaustadtoppen, West – Hallingskarvet, North – a part of Jotunheimen and East – Skogshorn.

Partial maked path.

Drive 3 km East from the center of Ål. Exitfrom State highway 7. Follow District road 244 until you see the sign Vontdalsvegen. Follow this road until you see Skrindovegen. Follow Skrindovegen but take the first road on your left hand side (by many postboxes). Follow this road to Trettestølane. Tollroad.

At parking lot at your right hand side just after crossing a very small river.

ca. 10 km back and forth in partly demanding terrain. 1025 - 1462 masl

Sykkel- og turkart Ål/ Gol/ Hemsedal 1:60 000

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