The magical spring Plants

  • Hvitveis

    Hvitveis Photo: Rolf Sørensen

  • Blåveis

    Blåveis Photo: Rolf Sørensen

  • Marianøkleblom

    Marianøkleblom Photo: Rolf Sørensen

  • Haren hopper i skogen på Vesterøy.

    Haren hopper i skogen på Vesterøy. Photo: Rolf Sørensen

  • Tjelden er et kjærkomment vårtegn.

    Tjelden er et kjærkomment vårtegn. Photo: Rolf Sørensen

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About The magical spring

Every spring comes the miracle. Dry twigs comes alive with green sprouts to be the leaves, and by the dead forest floor is suddenly a carpet of beautiful anemones. It lights up and you notice yourself how happy you are to see it. Hepatica is not as easy to detect, but you can find it in many places on Hvaler. It stands in half-shade, in between trees, preferably where the ground is chalky. It is among the most beautiful flowers. Bird song is already underway. It starts in March and is at its most intense forward to the summer, where it stops blowing. Going through forest along the shore and listen to all the songs belong to the spring. On Hvaler spring is in full swing at Easter. Take the tour and experience the adventure.


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