Haugsnatten - 2017 10 turfavorittar Hiking

  • Photo: Kari Grete Kleivstøl

  • Photo: Kari Grete Kleivstøl

Essential info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 2.7 kilometers
  • Elevation 260 meters
  • Duration –2.5 hours

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About Haugsnatten - 2017 10 turfavorittar

Due to heavy rain it is very wet and slippery. Be careful on the top. And wear rainboots !

From the Church, follow the tractor road which goes south and over a bridge. Follow this road upwards to the right. 200-300 m after passing some old dwellings you make a left and follow this old road. You are all the time at the right hand side of Haugsnatten. After another 200 m you make a new left and follow the mountain ridge to the top of Haugsnatten. The terrain is somewhat steep, be aware of Cliffs.
At the top you will have great view towards the surrounding mountains such as Lauvdalsbrea, Blåbergi and Reineskarvet.

Tractor road and forest terrain.

Drive about 3 km East from the center of Ål. Exit from State highway 7 towards Leveld. Follow Nordbygdvegen/ district road 244 until you come to Leveld Church.

Parking by the Church in Leveld

About 5,4 km back/ forth. 679 - 907 masl

Sykkel- og turkart Ål/ Gol/ Hemsedal 1:60 000

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Haugsnatten - 2017 10 turfavorittar map