Lesjaskogsvatnet - the lake of recreation


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The lake Lesjaskogsvatnet is an eldorado for all kinds of activities all year around. You can go fishing, go for a swim or go canoeing. Here you get real close to wildlife and it`s a popular place for bird watching. The dirt roads surrounding the lake are great for biking and hiking. No wonder the lake won the price "Finest place for outdoor activities in Lesja 2017".

The lake is about 10 km long and actually there are two rivers that have their origin here. The river Rauma goes west on its wild journey down Romsdalen, whilst the other river, Lågen, goes east and down Gudbrandsdalen.

Fun fact
Did you know that Lesjaskogsvatnet was used as a location for a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies?

Anders Eriksen
Anders Eriksen

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