Storhaugen Skiing

  • Photo: Nils Mosenden

  • Photo: Solveig Græsli

  • Photo: Solveig Græsli

Essential Info

  • Destination Lesja
  • Season January–May
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 3 kilometers
  • Elevation 490 meters
  • Duration 1.5–3 hours

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About Storhaugen

Storhaugen gives you a great view as a reward for reaching the summit. You´ll see the main valley of Lesja with mountains towering up behind. To the south you see the beautiful valley of Lordalen that takes you further in to Reinheimen national park. The trip to Storhaugen is short. Even though most people will break a sweat on the way up the path "Måsådroget", it´s well worth a visit.

On top of Storhaugen you actually stand with one foot in the National Park. The park border goes just here.

Exit the main road E136 at the sign Lordalen/Reinheimen/Lorkverna a few miles west of Lesja. Follow the road to a toll station where there´s a few information boards. Continue on the gravel road to the shooting range, turn a sharp right and follow this road for about 1,5 km. The trail is marked from where you park and begin the trip.

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Storhaugen Map