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The Valdres Line Dokka - Hov cross-country skiing Cross-Country Skiing

A ski trail suitable for all and a great nature experience

  • På ski langs Valdresbanen 
Cross-country skiing along The Valdres Line

    På ski langs Valdresbanen Cross-country skiing along The Valdres Line Photo: Magnus Nygård

  • Photo: Magnus Nygård

  • Photo: Magnus Nygård

Essential info

  • Destination: Land
  • Season: December-March
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 23.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 230 meters
  • Duration: 2-4 hours

About The Valdres Line Dokka - Hov cross-country skiing

There are lots of trip possibilities along the disused Valdres Line throughout the year. In winter cross-country ski trails for all age groups are prepared on the abandoned Valdres Line between Dokka and Fluberg. The line was closed for the public in the 1980s. In the 1990s the line was fully abandoned, with the transport of logs and goods between Eina and Odnes along the railway ceasing. The railway tracks are no longer used by trains, but they offer a fantastic way for the public to discover the beautiful landscape throughout the seasons.

Every year the "Gå´ta banen" family-fun day is held on the ski trails between Dokka and Eina. For more information click on the following links (Norwegian) (www.facebook.com/gatabanen/ and www.sondre-land.kommune.no).

Getting there

Dokka Station, Dokka Dokka stasjon i sentrum, Dokka renseanlegg and The Wetland Centre in Odnes are all great places to start your trip from. It is also possible to start at one of the old train stations at Hov or Fluberg. 

Trail description

The route follows the Valdres Line from Dokka Station to Hov Station, a round trip of 24km. This is a route that is suitable for all age groups and abilities and is a fantastic way to experience the nature and way of life that exists in Land. When there is a thick layer of ice covering the Randsfjorden you can leave the prepared ski trails and make your own tracks across the snow-decked fjord.


You will find lots of trip possibilities on the Valdres Line in summer, for example the nature and cultural walking trail between Dokka and Odnes and draisine peddaling between Dokka and Hov (link dresinkjøring outtt, for more information click here: http://www.valdresbanen.no/ 


Bring lots of water as there are few places to top-up along the way. If you want to cross the ice, then you must ensure that you have ice picks and that you never cross alone.


Free parking available at Dokka Station, Dokka renseanlegg (the starting point for the Folkestien) and the Wetland Centre in Odnes. Free toilets close to Dokka Station. 

Where to stay

Closest to Dokka centre you will find accommodation at Dokka Camping, Dokka motell og Ankalterud Gård. Further away from Dokka you will find accommodation at Haugtun (Aust-Torpa), Ullsaker Øvre Gjestegård (Vest-Torpa), Etna Familiecamping (Etnedal), Lyngstrand Camping and Totenåsen Sportell. There is also accommodation available at Spåtind Sport Hotel in Synnfjellet. You can rent a hotel room, or an apartment here and you will also find a cafe, a restaurant and a bar.


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