Borestranda Surfing

Test your surfing skills along the coast of Jær

Essential info

  • Destination: Stavanger
  • Season: January-December

About Borestranda

There is no need to travel all the way to Australia to find perfect surfing beaches — Jæren has everything you can ask for. Borestranden is the perfect place for both kiting and surfing all year round.

Jæren is an agricultural area along Norway’s western coastline. Just south of Stavanger, you will find some of Norway’s most beautiful sandy beaches, some of which are just minutes away from the big city. 

Getting there


From Stavanger, follow E39 south for about 12 kilometers until reaching the exit for road 44 towards toward 509/Sola Flyplass (airport)/Bryne. Follow road 44 south for another 12 kilometers until taking a right towards road 510/Sola airport and continue for another 2 kilometers. Take a left onto Nordsjøsvegen/road 507. Drive for 1 kilometer until taking a right onto Borestranda towards Bore. Follow the road for another 2 kilometers until you reach the parking lot just east of the beach. 

Trail description

The most beaches provide great surfing possibilities depending on the wind and wave direction. Ask the locals or the nearby surf stores for advice and further information and check out's Twitter account to learn about local surf conditions, updated quite regularly.

In the summer and early autumn is it normally great conditions for beginner surfers. The warm water and relatively smaller waves er great reasons to try out surfing for the first time. Especially good are the beaches, Solastranden, Hellestø, Sele, Bore, and Brusand/Ogna. During the warmer half of the year, it is recommended to use a 3-4 millimeter thick wetsuit. 

For more experienced surfers, the great surfing conditions can stick around throughout the fall and winter. Stronger, low-pressure systems create more powerful waves. With a thicker wetsuit, the lower ocean temperatures shouldn’t be a problem. It is recommended to closely follow the wind and wave conditions on the day of your surfing adventure. The weather can change quite drastically in a short amount of time. 


  • There are great surfing conditions throughout the whole year in Jæren.
  • It is a short distance from both the airport and train
  • Some of the nearby hotels have accommodation and surfing packages
  • There are many nearby surfing schools


  • There are public toilets and kiosks at the popular beaches
  • Check's Twitter to learn about the surfing conditions at the local beaches  

Where to stay

Hotels with accommodation and surfing packages:


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