To kirker med himmel og helvete

Cultural Heritage

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Two Finnskogen churches, one in Norway and one in Sweden,  shows different approaches to christianity. In Gravberget, Norway, you will only find paintings showing harmony and pleasure in Heaven. Angels are dancing and laughing, playing music etc. A famous Norwegian architect, Magnus Poulsson,  draw this church, and engaged two young students, Dag Frogner and Torstein Rittun, to paint.

In Gräsmarks church in Sweden, the painting in one section of the ceiling shows the pain in Hell, with devils sitting in the eternal fire. This paintings are from about 1770. They were overpainted in 1874, but in 1924 the were brought back again.

Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr

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