Flofjellveien Hiking Trail

Hike along the old road between Vollset and Flo

Essential info

  • Destination: Sunnmøre
  • Season: May–October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 20.6 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 280 meters
  • Duration: 4–6 hours

About Flofjellveien

Flofjellsveien runs between the settlements Vollset in Sunnylven and Flo in Stryn. This is an old road that has been taken care of and is used extensively by both residents, cruise tourists and others in the area. This is a trip suitable for the whole family and works well for strollers.

The road has a nice surface. It is mostly gravel road with some rockier sections. Just a bit past Stegholen, the road becomes narrower. From Vollset to the top of Flofjellet there is a slight increase in altitude and from Flofjellet down to the village Flo there is a steeper descent.

Getting there

To get to Vollset, follow road 60 to Hellesylt. From Hellsylt, follow road 80 south towards Vollset and Flofjellvegen. Follow the road for 12 kilometers through Helset, Frøysa, Hole, Bjørdal, Brekke until you arrive at Vollset.

At Vollset (the last farm) there is a sign for parking for Flofjellet, which is found about 500 meters further.

Trail description

The trail is easy to follow and there are many nice areas to rest along the way. From the parking lot, head south, up the gradual incline to the cabin, Flofjellhytta.

From the top, there is a great view to the other side of lake, Oppstrynsvatnet. One can even see Skåla from here.

Follow the trail downhill to the village, Flo, next to the lake, Oppstrynsvatnet.


  • The route is also bike-friendly
  • It is possible to park a car at each end of the hike so one will not need to hike back to the beginning
  • Make sure you close all the gates along the road


  • It is free parking at Vollset
  • Parking in Flo costs 30 NOK and must be paid in cash


By Bodil Dybevoll

Bodil is the writer and photographer for nytnaturen.no, a Norwegian blog for the Sunnmøre area. 

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