With horse in the mountains

Horseback Riding 2 - 2.5 h 6.9 km

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It is to live out the dream to find our way around by horse through the countryside. It's nice to experience the relationship that grows between us and the horse as the days go. To follow its movement, let your eyes sweep over the open beautiful mountain scenery - it's just fine. We want our trip to last. It's just us and the horses and Buddies. And it was the horse our ancestors used to transport people and goods.

Food on campfire. The good chat during breaks. Overnight at the mountain farm.

We have many different tours. Horseback riding for children and adolescents. Pleasure riding over several days into the Breheimen National Park. We are creating programs suited to your family. And we have a riding school.

You will find us in Skjåk, on Facebook

Fjell Eventyret
Fjell Eventyret
Fjell Eventyret

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Fjell Eventyret

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