Revshaugen Hiking

  • Photo: Ellen Margrethe Jahren Randa

  • Photo: Espen Oldeman Lund

Essential info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season May–September
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 1.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 130 meters
  • Duration 0.5–1 hours

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About Revshaugen

Revshaugen is a perfect little hike for small feets. Start by parking right by the road, there is room for 4-5 cars in a small parking spot. Follow the road before you take the path to the top.

This is a very short and simple hike up to a small mountain with some beautiful views of parts of Valdres. Bring your kids and spend some time playing and enjoying the views at the top.

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Revshaugen map