Heimstølhovda Skiing

Cross country skiing at Veståsen

  • Photo: Ål Utvikling

  • Photo: Stig Boholm

Essential Info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 5 kilometers
  • Elevation 70 meters
  • Duration 1–2.5 hours

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About Heimstølhovda

A short trip to Hagastølen for the family. View from Hagastølen toward Torpoåsen, Hemsedalsfjellet, Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet!

Getting There

Drive RV 7 from Ål to Trillhus. Take off and drive the road to Ridalen. Follow the road to the end. 

Trail Description

The trails are a bit hilly but suitable for the whole family. There is a small open cabin during easter for skiers that want to buy coffee and cakes. 


Take a look at skisporet to get the latest updates on the trails.

Where to Stay

We would recommend a stay at Hallingdal feriepark if you are considering a cross country holiday at Ål, and a visit to the trails at Veståsen.

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Heimstølhovda Map