Volandstind Hiking

Hike up to the top of the world

Essential Info

  • Destination Lofoten
  • Season May–September
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 5.2 kilometers
  • Elevation 470 meters
  • Duration 2–3 hours

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About Volandstind

The starting point is the community house in Skjelfjord, the first house on your left after leaving E10. From here you will find the trail without any difficulties. As you follow the trail you will get an amazing view of Skjelfjord, an important port of refuge for allied ships in WWII during the months of April and May 1940.  After a short hike you will reach the Bivouac, an perfect place for a short break, refilling of water or even a small barbecue at the fireplace.

The next leg is the steepest part, and by far the most challenging. Be aware of falling rocks and keep in mind that there might be persons below you.

After completing the steep part, you will find yourself in a flatter area. Walk to the west and over onto the ridge. The trail is very clear - follow this. There will be some areas where the trail splits in two and it will be an advantage to keep to the right on the way up. If you are experiencing fear of heights you can choose the left option instead. The route along the ridge feels like a never-ending hike until suddenly you are on the top. Once on top you follow the peaks towards west, the trail is clear here as well.

The "real" Volandstinden is the one that sits by itself. Please note that this one is steep and challenging to climb, so please consider the necessity of climbing this one, as the view can be equally spectacular from the first one.

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Volandstind Map