Roundtrip Ustaoset-Prestholt Cross-Country Skiing

  • Photo: Åsa Christner

Essential Info

  • Destination Geilo
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 14.5 kilometers
  • Elevation 400 meters
  • Duration 2.5–3.5 hours

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About Roundtrip Ustaoset-Prestholt

Follow the trail from Ustaoset to Prestholtseter over Eimeheia. You will have quite a lot of steady uphill most og the time to Prestholt, but your efforts will pay off;  If the weather is good, nothing is better than sitting in the sun at Prestholtseter with Hallingskarvet towering in the background.
The trip continues west along the border of Hallingskarvet National Park towards Hesteberget. Here you have to stop and enjoy the view. When you stand with your back to Skarvet you see Hardangervidda and Hardangerjøkulen. Behind you you have Eimeskaret and Tvergastein, the cabin of the famous philosopher Arne Næss. Finally, you whiz down the last kilometeres to Ustaoset.

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Roundtrip Ustaoset-Prestholt Map