The Hallingdalsløypa trail South

Cross-Country Skiing 24 - 120 h 135.3 km

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From Ustaoset via Grønebakken and Hakkesetstølen tourist cabin to Kikut. From Kikut the trail continues towards Bruslettstølen and Sangefjell. The trail continues from Sangefjell over Rødungshovda, Buhovdnatten, Steinstølen and up to Dyna between Ål and Nes.

From Dyna the trail continues to Ranten (Myking). By Synstevatn and up to Liaset there is no trail. It's possible to follow the road from Fv214 up to the parking at Liaset, where you find the trail that goes down south-east towards Hallingnatten. From Hallingnatten you continue along Reinsjoen lake and down to Flatvollen. Going down here can be a bit tricky. The trail goes on to Tempelseter and ends in Norefjell.

Paul A. Lockhart

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