Flakstadtind Hiking

Admire the white beaches of Flakstad from above

  • Bare hvite strender og blått hav å se.

    Bare hvite strender og blått hav å se. Photo: Alex Conu

  • Utsikt over Bøpollen og bak fjellene kan en skimte Vestfjorden

    Utsikt over Bøpollen og bak fjellene kan en skimte Vestfjorden Photo: Alex Conu

  • Mulstøa til venstre, fjellene over Vikten og noen topper i Vestvågøy.

    Mulstøa til venstre, fjellene over Vikten og noen topper i Vestvågøy. Photo: Alex Conu

Essential info

  • Destination: Lofoten
  • Season: May–September
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 2.5 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 480 meters
  • Duration: 2–3.5 hours

About Flakstadtind

The climb up to Flakstadtind offers beautiful views of all the beaches in the Flakstad area. The hike is fairly short, but also quite steep. Make sure you pay a visit to the beaches before or after your hike – they are a must see. 

Getting there

The hike starts at the main road (E10) at Flakstad. If you arrive by car, park in the parking lot next to the church, or alternatively at the graveyard. This will also allow for a small warm up, prior to starting the hike towards the peak as you walk some hundred meters from you parking to the trailhead at the other side of the main road. Look for a well-trodden trail going up the hillside.

If you are coming by bus you need to hop off at Jusnes and walk 2.5 km along the road to get to the start of the trail. For more information check the timetable for the bus going from Leknes to Å.

Trail description

The beginning of the trail alternates between rock and heather. After a little while, the incline increases and the hike becomes more challenging and tiring. You will quickly get a better view of the surroundings as you ascend towards the peak. As you make it over the edge you will arrive at the bivouac, a suitable place for a small break, as the rest of the hike towards the peak will go through pretty steep terrain.

As you approach the peak, the trail turns 90 degrees to the left and descends a few meters before the climb starts again towards the peak. Once you have reached the peak you will be rewarded with a spectacular view; to the east you will see Vestvågøy. You will also see the peaks above Vikten, Nusfjord and Fredvang and even parts of Ramberg.


  • There is a camping site and a rest stop along the road not far from the trailhead. You might be able to buy some small goods here and use the toilets. 


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