Nubben Hiking

Get some great views of Ramberg

Essential Info

  • Destination Lofoten
  • Season May–September
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 1.2 kilometers
  • Elevation 220 meters
  • Duration 2–3.5 hours

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About Nubben

Park the car at the parking lot outside Bunnpris in Ramberg. Walk over the street and follow the gravel road up to the last house, U.L. Lysbøen. Behind this house you will find the water tower and then easily see the trail. Follow the trail up Nubblia.  The terrain is relatively steep, but still a hiking trip that suits both kids and adults. When the trail splits, keep to the right and find the way out to Nubben.

Despite only rising 240 meters above sea level, the view is quite something. Sit down and relax enjoying the view down towards Ramberg and the beach, to Fredvang or maybe start planning where to hike next. From the top of Nubben you can look over to Volandstind, Ryten, Torsfjordtind og Mulstøtind.

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Nubben Map