Ustedalsfjorden Round Trip Cross-Country Skiing

The perfect ski tour in the heart of Geilo

  • Photo: Paul A. Lockhart

Essential Info

  • Destination Geilo
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 10.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 130 meters
  • Duration 1–3 hours

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About Ustedalsfjorden Round Trip

Skiing around Ustedalsfjorden, the lake located just west of downtown Geilo, is a great trip for skiers of all ages, especially if the weather is a bit rough up on the mountain tops. Enjoy a ski tour along one side of the lake or conquer the whole trail - all tours will provide great views of Geilo and Ustedalen. 

Getting There

By car:

The best parking lot for this trip is located in the heart of Geilo. 

By bus: 

The bus stop, "Vestia Kryss", the closest to the start of this trip. Head north and cross the bridge and the trail head will be on your left. 

Trail Description

The whole trip around Ustedalsfjorden is approximately 10 km and is very flat the entire way around. There is a shorter trip around Veslefjorden, which is approximately 4,5 km and very suitable for the younger skiers. 

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Ustedalsfjorden Round Trip Map