Ustedalsfjorden round trip Cross-Country Skiing

  • Photo: Paul A. Lockhart

Essential info

  • Destination Geilo
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 10.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 130 meters
  • Duration 1–3 hours

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About Ustedalsfjorden round trip

The perfect round trip for beginners and families, especially if the weather is too rough in the mountain.
The track is easy and suitable for the whole family, and it gives you a beautiful view of Geilo and Ustedalen.
The whole round is approximately 10 km. With children, the Veslefjorden round of approximately 4,5 km might be enough.
It's nice to start by the parking at Geilojordet, but if you'd like a longer trip you should start from Geilohallen.

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Ustedalsfjorden round trip map