Gjelbrue sykkel Mountain Biking

  • Photo: Kristoffern Mæle Thuestad

  • Photo: Kristoffern Mæle Thuestad

  • Photo: E. Starrem

Essential Info

  • Destination Skjåk
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 3.9 kilometers
  • Elevation 100 meters
  • Duration –1.5 hours

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About Gjelbrue sykkel

The trail runs on an established trail along the river Tundra in scenic surroundings. The trail starts at Tundramo and goes relatively slack up all the way, can be cycled all the way up without much difficulty. Follow the path up from the parks on the entry, starting as a tractor road but going fast over a barnålssti. After a while you come up on a tractor road with a stiskilt, turn right and follow the path upwards, east of the river. Cross the bridge, go up the hill and follow the path until you again come down on the ladder of Brumillom. Turn and tread so same road back. When you return to the car, cross the parking lot and follow a gravel road a few hundred meters. The trail then takes towards the right through the woods on the loveliest pine needle path . Take the gravel road back to the car. Watch out for walkers. The trails are also used by dog ​​owners so show respect. There are many other trails in the area and maybe you are lucky and encounter Leif Bruland who are local path builder and is very familiar with the area. The text is reprinted from Trailguide.no by appointment. How to get there From Skjåk center (Bismo) drive towards Stryn. Take off highway 15 at Coop Bruvoll and drive onto the county road 486. Drive about 1 km and turn left at the first bridge you meet, tundramovegen. Follow it until Tundramo where you park your car. One can also start from the other side by driving up to Brumillom.

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