Rødungshovda Hiking

  • Photo: Torleiv Torgersen

Essential info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 1.3 kilometers
  • Elevation 10 meters
  • Duration 0.5–1 hours

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About Rødungshovda

Nice afternoon- / familyhike at Veståsen

Easy family hike, starting at the mountain farm Nyset. Amazing view from the top towards Hallingskarvet. Combine the hike with other trails at Veståsen.

How to get here:
From Ål train station up Vestlia, exit to the right by the containers after Jonset (about 10 km total drive from Ål train station). Toll road.

Just after passing the mountainfarm Nyset (100 meters after Nysetvegen 742).

Km/ masl:

3 km back and forth. 1040 - 1133 masl


Veståsen/ Sangefjell tourmap 1:50 000

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Rødungshovda map