Nasakamben Hiking

  • Photo: Morten Sjemmedal

Essential Info

  • Destination Ål
  • Season April–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 1.7 kilometers
  • Elevation 0 meters
  • Duration 1–2 hours

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About Nasakamben

Hike with different routes.

Already from the parking lot you have nice view. Start the hike at the gravel road, go further on the trail wich is steep and stony from start. After 1,5 km follow signes to Nasakamben/ Orreleiksmyra. Even if it is a bit stony in the beginning it is absolutely worth it at the top.

How to get here:

From State Highway 7 to Ål folkehøgskule, about 2,5 km west of Ål centrum. Follow Nossvegen to where the tollroad starts.


Just after Nossvegen 316, where the tollroad starts.

Km/ masl:

4 km. 705 - 974 masl.


Reineskarvet 1:50 000 or Biking and tourmap for Hemsedal, Golsfjellet and

Ål 1:50 000

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Nasakamben Map