Toviki - Klevahytta - Iungsdalen Hiking Trail

  • Postkasse og klyppekort på 10 turfavorittar 2016

    Postkasse og klyppekort på 10 turfavorittar 2016 Photo: Torleiv Torgersen

  • Photo: Hallgrim Sataslåtten

  • Photo: Torleiv Torgersen

  • Photo: Torleiv Torgersen

Essential info

  • Destination: Ål
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 11 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 310 meters
  • Duration: 3.5-4.5 hours

About Toviki - Klevahytta - Iungsdalen

Some times, you get to places in this world that you don't want to leave. Well, then it is good to know that we have huts in the mountain.

Start in Toviki and follow the path at the west side of the river Mjølga. After about 1 km the path goes to the left from Mjølga and north-west through Klevaskardet. Follow the path to Klevahytta.

From here you can choose to go the same way back or continue on DNT marked route to Iungsdalshytta and back to Toviki. At Iungsdalshytta you can spend the night during summer.

The hike is partly unmarked, and suits for days with good weather. The view is amazing and the nature is powerful in Skarvheimen.

The path can be steep and demanding at times.

How to get there:

Follow State Highway 7 about 2 km East from the center of Ål. Exit and follow District road Fv 244 to Bergsjø area. Go on past the lake Rødungen N and further on to Toviken. All together about 50 km from the center of Ål. Tollroad.


At the parkinglot just before the bridge over river Mjølga in Toviki

Km/ masl:

13 km as a roundtrip. 1090 - 1280 masl


Reineskarvet 1:50 000


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