Viewpoint Snøhetta Campsite

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  • Photo: ©felixpams

Essential info

  • Season: June–November

About Viewpoint Snøhetta

Viewpoint Snøhetta is a pavilion on Tverrfjellet in Dovre Municipality. The building was designed by the architectural firm called Snøhetta, and was opened in 2011. The view building was built on behalf of the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre North. The building is made as a box of steel, with a large glass surface against Snøhetta in the north and one organic and undulating form of solid wood to the south. The building is open and accessible during the summer months, and is reached after 20 minutes’ walk from the parking lot at Tverrfjellet. The surroundings around the Snøhetta pavilion also offer great camping grounds. Check out for more info on the tent.


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