Jacob's Ladder Hiking

Go deep into the forest

  • You will find lots of open areas with light pine forest.

    Photo: @espen

  • Going down you will find a lot of ladders and ropes.

    Photo: @espen

  • Going up on the other side is not as steep, but the first part is best climbed using the rope you will find hanging into the valley.

    Photo: @espen

  • Looking north from the southern part of the hike.

    Photo: @espen

  • The first open area you get to after hiking through some dense spruce forest.

    Photo: @espen

Essential info

  • Season: May–October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 12.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 500 meters
  • Duration: 5–7 hours

About Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's ladder brings you down several ladders deep into the canyon of Store Bumla. It is a great decent and has some awesome views. The ascent up to De Pene Tjerna (The Nice Looking Ponds) is a very cool experience as well.

The entire hike brings you into an area of old and mysterious woods. You will find dark spots of spruce, lighter areas of pine forest and open areas with lakes, ponds and marshes. 

Getting there

You need a car to get to the trail head. Drive to Vikersund and cross the river and go North. You will find a sign that says "Breilivegen" on your right hand side. You need 50 NOK in cash to get pass the first toll station. Drive along the road until you see a sign for "Djupengrop" on your right hand side. You will need another 30 NOK for this road. Follow the road all the way to the top and park at the parking lot. 

Trail description

The hike starts along the road, but fairly quickly you will be immersed by the spruce forest. The path goes a lot up and down all the way to Jacob's Ladder. Your first pitstop could be at Lunnaas, an (open) free cabin. From Lunnaas follow the path that crosses the creek and going south along a small lake. After about 700-800 meters you need leave the main path and find a small path (can be hard to find) going southeast towards a small round pond. From this pond you need to leave the path and find your own way up to "Bjønnestillinga". It is a quite open area and you can see the small peak all the way up there. Once up at the peak follow the path that leads to Jacob's Ladder. When you are down in the canyon just follow the rope on the other side and head towards the blue marked trail by "De Pene Tjerna". Now you can just follow the blue marked trail all the way back to the trail head. Make sure you have some extra time to enjoy the great views going down to "Lårvika". 


In this area you will have snow quite late in the spring, therefore you will most likely need to wait until May to do this hike. Snow might be back in October so take a look at the weather forecast before you go.


  • There is a outhouse at Lunnaas, but otherwise you need to use nature’s toilet.


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