Haugsvarden Mountain Biking

  • Photo: Snorre Brenne

  • Photo: Snorre Brenne

  • Photo: Jørgen Storhaug

  • Photo: Sonja Føleide

  • Photo: Sonja Føleide

Essential info

  • Destination: Nordfjord
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 10.1 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 430 meters
  • Duration: 3-5 hours

About Haugsvarden

Up-hill at first, but we reccommend to "hike with the bike". In case you want an easier start you can drive as far as it goes. Starting point of this tour is Nordfjord Folkehøgskole/Gloppen Summer hotel outside of Sandane. Follow E39 westwards out from Sandane center. Exit from the summer hotel on the right. Follow the signs on the opposite side of the college and park there. Bike/drive then back towards Sandane. After 3,5 kilometers turn left, follow signs towards Fjellbygda. Steep climb on asphalt, then gravel. After a short while on gravel, you turn 180 degrees to the right, through a farmyard, then continue on a gravel road. After that, you have to pay at a toll, so remember to bring money on this trip. Then continue on the gravel road all the way to Tystadstøylen mountain farm, where there is a paking lot. From here, the trail goes up through a wet area. Be careful not to leave big traces on the area. The trail goes on further. You must keep left in the first intersection towards Haugsvarden, as you now see to your left. The Lom lake is located on the left side of the trail. From Haugsvarden you have a magnificent view over Nordfjord. At the top you only have to turn and go the same way down to the parking lot. Down at the parking lot by Tystadstøylen is the first part of the trail done. Now you cycle the gravel road a few yards back where you came from, where the trail goes down to your right. Remember to close the gates. Eventually you come down to a farmyard. From here follow the gravel road to the right, until it splits into three. Turn right, on an old road which turn into a trail. Follow the path down the forest until you come out on E39 by the summer hotel.


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By Erlend Eggen

Outtt founder and mountain biker

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