Romsdalseggen Ridge Hiking Trail

One of the greatest ridges in Norway

  • Views of Trollvegen and Trolltinden

    Views of Trollvegen and Trolltinden Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Valley towards Åndalsnes

    Valley towards Åndalsnes Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Scramble

    Scramble Photo: Mari Mathews

Essential info

  • Destination: Romsdal
  • Season: June–November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 10.3 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 960 meters
  • Duration: 5–8 hours

About Romsdalseggen Ridge

Romsdalseggen goes over Mjølvafjellet mountain, along the ridge, and back down to Åndalsnes. There are stunning views the entire hike. From the forest at the beginning of the hike in Venjesdalen valley, to the lower alpine waterfalls and up onto the mountaintops, you’ll be in awe of the nature and astonishing mountains from the first to the last step. 

From the starting point at the parking lot in Vengedalen, the hike up and across Romsdalseggen is 10.3 kilometers long and has an elevation gain of 970 meters.

Good physical condition is required to hike the trail from Venjesdalen to Åndalsnes. There are easier hiking alternatives around the city Åndalsnes, for example, Rampestreken.

Getting there

Train to Åndalsnes

If you are traveling from Oslo or Gardermoen take the train called Raumabanen to the city Åndalsnes. Read more about Raumabanen and order your tickets with NSB. 

Bus to the trailhead

The best way to hike Romsdalseggen is to take the bus that leaves at 09:30 outside the Norsk Tindesenter/Åndalsnes main station to Vengedalshytta. It takes about 30 minutes. It's very popular so be sure to show up early to ensure a spot on the bus. This bus route is seasonal but if the weather is good during the first weekends of October, the route will continue to run.

Car to the trailhead

If you drive by car to Åndalsnes, you should park in one of the long-term parking areas. In the city center, there is only short-term parking. You can also drive to the starting point of the hike, where you will find a parking lot at Venjesdalen. It's 11.8km from Åndalsnes to the parking lot in Venjesdalen and takes about 16 minutes. 

Toll road

The last two kilometers before you reach the parking lot, you be driving on a private toll road. 

Trail description

The hike over Romsdalseggen is steep and unprotected, so a degree of hiking experience is recommended. Take a short break at Mjøvafjellet and soak in the incredible views over Trollvegen and Trolltinden. If you’re lucky, you might even see some daredevils base-jumping down the rock face. 

There is a bit of climbing in the middle sections with ropes and chains, which help you along the steepest sections. We recommend taking a break and refueling before the steep and hard climb down to Åndalsnes.


The trip is dog-friendly, although some carrying will need to be done through the steepest sections. Be careful as there are steep cliffs along most of the route. 

You do not need climbing gear, but there are chains bolted in at the steepest parts for a better grip.

It is necessary to wear good hiking shoes and be prepared for changes in the weather.

Pack a backpack with food, beverages, and necessary clothing and equipment for a safe, 7-hour hike.

A map, compass, first-aid equipment, a fully charged mobile phone, and a headlamp are other recommended tools to keep in your backpack.


Drinking water is available all year from the start to the bottom of Hestheia. There is usually water available approximately 50m after Aakesvarden until the end of July.

Where to stay

There are several good hotels and lodges in Åndalsnes and in close proximity. 

  • Hotel Aak is cozy accommodation located outside the city of Åndalsnes
  • Hotel Bellevue is found in the city center of Åndalsnes


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