Hæradalsrunda Hiking

  • Photo: Merete Dagsgard

  • Photo: Merete Dagsgard

Essential info

  • January – December
  • Easy
  • 3.2 kilometers
  • 110 meters
  • 1.5 hours

About Hæradalsrunda

Turn off the rv. 15 to the right at 10 km west of Bismo at Dønfoss Camping. Park at the Dønfoss Camping. Start at the gate to the west and walk across rv. 15 to the sign
for Hæradalsrunda. Follow the path along the river Otta. The path goes steeply up to Øybergsura with a large rock at the end. The path is a circular trail. Try the swimming pool at Dønfoss Camping.