Diktarstigen Hiking Trail

Discover the poetry of Norwegian lyrist Jan-Magnus Bruheim

  • The rushing river Tora.

    The rushing river Tora. Photo: Merete Dagsgard

  • Billingen Seterpensjonat is an excellent starting point for hikes in Reinheimen National Park.

    Billingen Seterpensjonat is an excellent starting point for hikes in Reinheimen National Park. Photo: Merete Dagsgard

  • Photo: Merete Dagsgard

Essential info

  • Destination: Skjåk
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.6 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 30 meters
  • Duration: 0.5 hours

About Diktarstigen

This beautiful trail features poems written by the local Skjåk lyrist Jan-Magnus Bruheim (1914-1988). Bruheim was a beloved poet and children’s book writer, who found peace and inspiration in the surroundings around him. While his early poetry revolves around classic themes such as longing and loneliness, as an increasingly socially involved writer and environmentalist, he later wrote about community and responsibility.

Take your time to ponder about life, poetry, and nature as the trail leads you from the charming Billingen Seterpensjonat along the rushing river Tora. In addition to the original Norwegian poems, you’ll find translations in English, German, and French.

Getting there


Billingen is located 47 kilometers west of Lom, along Road 15. Having driven 18.9 kilometers west of Dønfoss, you’ll cross a bridge. Just after the bridge, turn off Road 15 to the right.

Park your car in the parking area to the right of the Tora River. You’ll see Billingen Seterpensjonat, informational boards about Reinheimen National Park, and signs to “Diktarstigen” (the poet’s trail) on the east side of the bridge (on the opposite side of the river from the parking).


The express bus VY146 running between Oslo and Måløy stops at Billingen. Use VY Bus Express travel planner to find departures and book tickets.

From the bus stop, you’ll easily spot the parking for the trailhead. 

Trail description

The short signposted roundtrip trail takes you past Billingen Seterpensjonat, uphill along Tora River. There are 9 signs with poems along the way. 

At the top of the loop, there’s a bridge provided to guide you safely across the rushing river. The trail then leads you downhill and back to Billingen. 

Where to stay

With its scenic natural surroundings, homemade local food, and rich cultural history Billingen Seterpensjonat, is popular among hikers wanting to explore Reinheimen National Park. This family-run guesthouse has 8 double rooms and a café serving mouthwatering mountain cuisine. 


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By Tea Karoline Mork

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