Tverrådalskyrkja Skiing

2088 masl in Breheimen

  • I godt driv mot Tverrådalskyrkja. Går du på randonee får du en morsom tur ned igjen.

    Photo: Trygve Stansberg Veslum

Essential info

  • Destination: Skjåk
  • Season: January–May
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 9.3 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,370 meters
  • Duration: 8–9 hours

About Tverrådalskyrkja

Tverrådalskyrkja is a majestic mountain with breathtaking views and long descents.

From the top, which is the highest in Breheimen, you can see Tafjordfjella, Jostedalsbreen, Hurrungane and Galdhøpiggmassivet. The best starting point for tours to Tverrådalskyrkja is the lodge Sota Seter. There are also several cabins farther into Breheimen suitable as trips to other peaks in the area.

Getting there

Follow the driving direction to Sota Sæter.

Trail description

Up: Take the road to Mysubytta and enter the valley. Turn left to Steindalen. Follow this to Fortundalsbreen and follow the right a few hundred meters to rounding the steepest the slabs of the east wall. When you see the whole East ridge to the top, take off from the glacier and follow the ridge steep up to the top. Be aware of cracks in the glacier.

Down: The most common descent follows the same route. When you come down to the tree line, it may be an advantage to run down the forest just west of Sota Seter to avoid dense woodland.

Alternative descents: 1) From Steindalen take eastward just to the north of Tundradalskyrkji (via water 1510 m.). Moreover gently down to Sottjønna and over both lakes until the expiry of Sotgrove. From here you have 700 gorgeous meters down to Sarasota either on the east or west side of Sotgrove. 2) From the end of Tverrådalen you can follow the river Tverråe (the eastern side) down to the valley. Be aware of a few kilometers flat march to Sota Seter.


Weather and snow conditions are usually best from March until May.

Where to stay

Stay at Sota Sæter between March and May. At other times of year we would recommend Billingen seterpensjonat.


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