Klimaparken og Kjelbreen


Cultural Heritage

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Klimaparken (The Climate Park) 2469 was established to disseminate experiences and insights on ongoing climate processes. Out of the ice in the Norwegian mountains, cultural treasures from a distant past have melted in recent years. Klimaparken 2469 conveys new knowledge about archeology, nature and climate in new and spectacular ways. Klimaparken 2469 is an outdoor experience area. From Juvass tourist lodge it has a footpath and dissemination stations all the way to Juvfonne. There a tunnel in to where the 6000-year-old ice starts. The ice tunnel is designed and lit by artist and sculptor Peder Istad. You can also go into the amphitheater that has been established in Kjelbreen. You have to book a tour with a nature guide to get into the ice tunnel (klimapark2469.no).
Johan Wildhagen
Johan Wildhagen
Magnus Snøtun
Johan Wildhagen

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