Klimaparken and Kjelbreen Cultural Heritage

Experience cultural treasures from a distant past

  • Photo: Johan Wildhagen

  • Photo: Magnus Snøtun

  • Photo: Johan Wildhagen

  • Photo: Johan Wildhagen

  • Photo: Johan Wildhagen

Essential info

About Klimaparken and Kjelbreen

Klimaparken (The Climate Park) 2469 was established to share experiences and insights of the ongoing climate processes. Out of the ice in the Norwegian mountains, cultural treasures from a distant past have appeared in recent years. Klimaparken 2469 conveys new knowledge about archeology, nature, and climate in new and spectacular ways. 

Getting there

Drive Sognefjellsvegen Fv. 55 from Lom, up Bøverdalen towards Sogndal. After 18 km, turn left off of the Nasjonalturistveger at the exit marked "Juvasshytta". 

If you are coming from Årdal or Sogndal, turn right 4 km after passing Elveseter. The road can only be used by passenger cars and requires that you pay a small toll. 

Trail description

From Juvasshytta, the tourist lodge, follow the footpath all the way to Juvfonne. Here you will enter a tunnel where the 6000-year-old ice starts. The ice tunnel is designed and lit by artist and sculptor Peder Istad. You can also go into the amphitheater that has been established in Kjelbreen.


  • You need to book a tour with a guide to enter the ice tunnel.


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