Hiking 3.5 - 5.5 h 4 km

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The top looms over Leirdalen - pointed as a church spire, strikingly beautiful. It can look both steep and difficult from down at Leirvassbu. But when you're on the ridge and taking it step by step, it goes surprisingly well. The steep part not far from the top provides nice climbing for anyone who wants to try it. With a short approach from Leivassbu and exciting ascension for children who enjoy heights, this is also a popular trip for families. And the view is in harmony with the top, it is magnificent.

Alternative return. Most people choose the same way back down. But when you get down in the saddle towards Kyrkjeoksle, it is a nice option to go out to the west side and directly down to Leirvatnet and go to the east side of the water back to Leirvassbu.

Lodging: The area has various exciting hikes to explore from Leirvassbu. / +47 61211210 or +47 61212921

Live Andrea Sulheim
Live Andrea Sulheim
Live Andrea Sulheim
Dag Nordsveen

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