Storbekkhøa Skiing

Ski one of Oppdal’s most classic tours

Essential Info

  • Destination Oppdal
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Demanding
  • Distance 13.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 890 meters
  • Duration 3–4 hours

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About Storbekkhøa

Storbekkhøa is a classic winter trip in Oppdal, which offers nice skiing through the Storbekk Valley. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, make sure you sign the guest book. If the weather permits, take a good break at the top and enjoy the panoramic view of the famous mountains in Trollheimen.

Getting There


From the Oppdal city center, drive westwards on Road 70 towards Sunndalsøra. After about 20 km you will reach Lønset, where you will turn right. Then continue to drive 21 km in Storlidalen until you reach Storlia. There will be a sign on the right directing you to the parking lot. There is a small parking fee.

Public transportation

Take the train to Oppdal station, then take a “bus taxi”, a collective taxi to Storligard. Make sure to book your spot on the bus taxi before 12:00 the same day you would like to travel. The phone number is: 02820. To read more about this service (only in Norwegian) click here

Trail Description

The trip starts from Storli farm parking lot, from there you will head north towards Storbekkdalen (the Storbekk Valley). The incline requires a bit of energy, and your heart will most likely be beating very fast by the time you make it to the forest. Continue to the west and cross Storbekken. From here you follow the long trail that leads to Storbekkhøa. The terrain here is not particularly steep, but steady and moderate rise. When you get to the steepest part you should look west to find the trail you are going to follow towards the top.

Return the same way as you came up. This can also be made a round trip, where you follow your way back down to the pass between Halsbekkhøa and Storbekkhøa, then Storbekkdalen follow the signs again towards Storli.


  • A cafe is located both at Storli Gard and at Bortistu Gjestegard.
  • Bortistu Gjestegard has a restaurant on weekends
  • Parking (paid/fee) 

Where to Stay

Storligrenda is a settlement of homes and farms in the Storli area.

Storligard (only in Norwegian), “Storli farm” has been spread across 65,000 acres for more than 400 years. The farm offers 30 beds in the main house as well as self-sufficient cottages.

Another option is Bortistu Gjestegard’s (only in Norwegian) self-sufficient cottages and rustic cabins located on the settlement. 

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