Hiking 6 - 9 h 5.6 km

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The highest mountain in Norway looms over the surrounding peaks, providing a stunning view of Jotunheimen National Park. Galdhøpiggen is more than a mountain - it is also a symbol of the relationship between the Norwegians and the mountains. But even if the mountain is the highest in Norway, it is not inaccessible.

From Juvasshytta
The easiest way to the top for people in average good shape. From Juvasshytta there is glacier guiding over Styggebrean and up to the top. Return the same way, or down to Spiterstulen. This is a family friendly tour that is suitable for children used to the outdoors. There is an age limit of 7-years for the crossing of Styggebrean.

From Spiterstulen
Relatively easy walk up for people in average good shape. This is a trip that children 5-6 years of age can do if the trip is set up right. Motivation is key when going with young mountaineers because the trip is quite long. Sherpas renovated the trail in 2010 because of high attrition, and we kindly ask people to follow the marking. You will have hiked three peaks of over 2000 meters on this hike! Return the same way.

Magnus Snøtun
Marie Lier
Dag Nordsveen

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